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‘There is always a good feel to any Blues Giants gigs, plenty of cheesy humour and classic Blues, played with a sparkle in the eye, enjoyable fun sessions are mandatory’ – Blues In Britain magazine, Nov 2014

Feb 11 2014 - Blues Giants win in audience poll

Birmingham Jazz, who run the incredibly successful Rush Hour Blues sessions on Fridays at the Birmingham Symphony Hall cafe bar have announced that after coming in as runners up last year, the Blues Giants have won this year! Regularly attended by between 200-300 people weekly, that is some accolade since the quality of the bands there are outstanding. Maybe it's because we literally 'bring the music to the people'!

This will be celebrated in a special showcase gig there on Fri April 4.

The Slap Magazine (Worcester) Live Review - The Marrs Bar, Worcester, 16/1/14

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